Undated: Ford Gyron

The two-wheeled concept car, built by the Ford Motor Co., makes the rounds of auto shows in 1961 (Detroit, New York), though as a nonrunning prototype; it was never meant to see the open road.

From a March 31 story by UPI: "It would have a gyroscope for stability and might be powered by fuel cells instead of a regular engine. ... The car will hold two people in contoured seats which support not only the head and back but the upper part of the legs as well. It has no steering wheel. Instead it uses a dial with separate rings for automatic speed and steering control. The car could be steered from either seat because the dial is located in a console between the seats and the car has dual accelerator and brake pads. A 10-button panel, also located in the console, supposedly would control a built-in computer to help a motorist of the future 'program' a trip on a non-stop expressway."

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