Undated: John Whitney's 'Catalog'

A pioneer in computer animation, Whitney had worked with graphic designer Saul Bass to create the title sequence of Alfred Hitchcock's "Vertigo" in 1958. The short film "Catalog" featured a series of visual effects using a computer that Whitney himself had devised.

* Watch "Catalog": @ (Note: The music accompanying this video is from Tod Machover's "Electric Etudes," composed in 1983. The original film used music by jazz great Ornette Coleman.)
* Watch "Vertigo" sequence: @
* Whitney biography site (created by Syracuse University students): @
* "Digital Harmony" (from Animation World Network): @
* Whitney filmography (from www.iotacenter.org): @
* "Cybernetic Cinema and Computer Films" (from the book "Expanded Cinema" by Gene Youngblood): @
* Computer graphic timeline, 1945-2000 (from www.webbox.org): @

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