Sunday, December 29, 1963: 'The Making of the President 1960'

The documentary airs on ABC-TV. From the television listings in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

This skillful documentary based on Theodore White's superlative book was completed BEFORE the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and that fact lends a special kind of heartbreak to this chronological report of how and why John F. Kennedy won the election, and then the hearts of his countrymen. Too brief, but nonetheless illuminating coverage of the West Virginia primary and the noteworthy scenes along the way, include Harry Truman's anti-Kennedy remarks, memories of the abortive Stevenson rally during the '60 convention including a reminder to vote-for-Adlai poster ("He's a lousy golfer") and on through the furtive Nixon-Rockefeller meeting to agree on the Republican platform policy. Also, some especially compelling glimpses of the TV debates, including choice "backstage" footage immediately before the first TV debate.

The soundtrack to the show was also released as a record album (pictured).

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