December 1963: 'Uncertainty and the welfare economics of medical care'

The paper by Kenneth J. Arrow, professor of economics at Stanford University, appears in The American Economic Review.

"Arrow's paper, which endorses the view that 'the laissez-faire solution for medicine is intolerable,' is widely considered to have founded the field of health care economics ... Arrow's paper argues that the delivery of health care deviates in fundamental ways from a normal free market, and, therefore, that government intervention is necessary to correct for these deviations."
     -- Summary from the National Review; link to story: @
* PDF of study: @
* Interview with Arrow (The Atlantic, 2009): @
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* Entry from Nobelprize.org (Arrow won the Nobel in economics in 1972): @
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* Council on Health Care Economics and Policy (Brandeis University): @
* Earlier post on Operation Coffeecup (1961): @ 

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