Monday, March 19, 1962: Bob Dylan's first album

"Bob Dylan," consisting of 11 folk standards and 2 original songs, is released by Columbia Records. The album makes little impact in terms of sales.

From the April 14 issue of Billboard magazine, under the heading "Special Merit Albums":

Bob Dylan is a young man (20) from Minnesota who has already made an impact among folkniks with his exciting manner with folk, blues and pop-folk tunes. He plays, sings and composes and is one of the most interesting, and most disciplined youngsters to appear on the pop-folk scene in a long time. This album shows him off in fervid readings of such well-known items as "Highway 51," "Freight Train Blues" and "House of the Rising Sun," and moving readings of originals such as "Song to Woody" and "Talkin' New York." Dylan, when he finds his own style, could win a big following.

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