Wednesday, February 7, 1962: Project Blue Book

In response to a request by the Mutual Broadcasting Company, the U.S. Air Force issues a statement on unidentified flying objects. It reads, in part, "there has been nothing in the way of evidence or other data to indicate that these unidentified sightings were extraterrestrial vehicles under intelligent control." The day before, the Air Force had released a fact sheet summarizing the first several years of Project Blue Book, the military's investigation into UFOs.

The photo shows the cover of the 1952 status report.

* Air Force statement (February 7): @
* Air Force fact sheet (February 6): @
* "Flying Saucers? AF Says You're Seeing Things" (Miami News, February 7): @
* Project Blue Book Archive: @
* Project Blue Book summary (from the National Archives): @
* Earlier post on Betty and Barney Hill (September 19-20): @

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