Undated: 'The Wall'

A short film made for the U.S. Information Agency, "The Wall" is narrated from the point of view of a West Berliner in the months after the construction of the Berlin Wall. Featuring actual newsreel footage, it was shown overseas but not in the United States -- U.S. laws at the time prevented its distribution in America. (The film includes footage from the first anniversary of the wall, on August 13, so was obviously released after that date.)

* More about the film (from National Film Preservation Foundation): @
* Watch the film (from Internet Archive): @
* "In The Shadow of the Wall," a similarly themed British propaganda film that includes more postwar context, also from 1962: @
* "Inventing Public Diplomacy: The Story of the U.S. Information Agency" (book by Wilson P. Dizard Jr.): @

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