Thursday, January 4, 1962: Automated subway in New York

From the website www.nycsubway.org:

On January 4, 1962 at 3:17 p.m. lasting until about 7 p.m., the first automated train in the U.S. began revenue service. Although not needed, in deference to the TWU (Transport Workers Union), a motorman rode the train at all times but did not operate it. The following day the train ran according to the regular shuttle timetable for track 4. Signs were posted all over track 4 indicating that the train was being automatically operated. The motorman did not ride in his cab.

From The New York Times: The three-car train won general approval from riders, many of whom had waited a half-hour or more to get aboard the first public run. The consensus was that the train had performed no differently from an automated one. There was however, a sharper jolt when the train stopped, particularly at the Grand Central end. Engineers were not prepared to say whether this could be corrected.

The photo, also from www.nycsubway.org, shows a test run of the automation system.

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