Thursday, October 10, 1963: Linus Pauling wins Nobel Peace Prize

OSLO -- Dr. Linus C. Pauling, noted biochemist whose opposition to nuclear tests mas made him a controversial figure in the United States, yesterday was awarded the 1962 Nobel Peace Prize.
     In addition to announcing the belated award, the Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee announced it had divided the 1963 Peace Prize between the International Red Cross Committee and the Red Cross League.
     The award made Pauling the first man in the 62-year history of the Nobel prizes to be honored twice. He won the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 1959. Mme. Marie Curie, co-discoverer of radium, won one prize and shared another.
     While the committee did not disclose why it named Pauling ... it generally was believed he was honored for his efforts to outlaw nuclear testing.
     Announcement of the award to Pauling came on the day that the partial nuclear test ban agreement by the United States, Great Britain and the Soviet Union formally went into effect.
     Pauling long has been in the forefront of movements to ban the bomb. Only last year, he went almost directly from a picket line in front of the White House to President Kennedy's dinner for Nobel Prize winners inside.
     -- United Press International, October 11
     -- Photo from Corbis Images, April 29, 1962
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