Monday, June 24, 1963: 'The Negro and the American Promise'

The special one-hour program was a brilliantly conceived examination of racial crisis in America, illustrated through interviews with powerful Negro leaders of widely varying viewpoints. Brought together, in separate interviews, were the Rev. Martin Luther King, author James Baldwin, and Black Muslim leader Malcolm X. Under quiet, penetrating and perceptive probing by Dr. Kenneth Clark, a professor of psychology at City College of New York, these three seethed with emotions and ideas that were communicated with force and immediacy.
-- From WGBH in Boston, which produced the show that was carried on educational television stations

* Introduction and interviews (from PBS): @
* "King, Malcolm X Differ" (United Press International, June 25, 1963): @
* Excerpt from "The Expanding Vista: American Television in the Kennedy Years" (Mary Ann Watson, 1990): @
* "The Negro Protest" (Kenneth B. Clark, 1963): @

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