Wednesday, February 14, 1962: 'A Tour of the White House with Mrs. John F. Kennedy'

First lady Jackie Kennedy gives television viewers an inside look at the White House, talking about various rooms and renovations. The documentary was shown on two networks, CBS and NBC (attracting some 75%-80% of the viewing audience), and repeated on February 18 on ABC. It would win both an Emmy Award and a Peabody Award for public service. Though the viewing public could not tell on the black-and-white telecast, Mrs. Kennedy wore a red Chez Ninon dress for the show, which was taped on January 15.

Photos by Bettman / Corbis

* Entire show, as seen on NBC: @
* Summary (from The Museum of Broadcast Communications): @
* Dress (from JFK Library): @
* "First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Clothing" (from JFK Library): @
* Excerpt from "The Expanding Vista: American Television in the Kennedy Years" (book by Mary Ann Watson): @

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