Friday, July 14, 1961: 'Way Out'

The CBS television series "Way Out" is canceled after 14 episodes. Hosted by writer Roald Dahl, the episodes (a different one each week) usually featured elements of the bizarre and the macabre.

The photo at left, of actor Barry Morse, is from "Soft Focus," the July 7 episode. Here is an excerpt from Morse's autobiography: "The episode ... featured me as successful portrait photographer Peter Pell, who has discovered an extraordinary chemical. By retouching photos with this strange mixture, he is able to alter the pictures and change the actual faces of the living people. Long suspecting his young attractive wife, Louise (played by Joan Hotchkis), of committing adultery, he sets to work on her photo. Upon realizing that she has been rapidly aging, Louise surprises her husband, who has now been at work on his own photo. His new, youthful face reveals the truth to her. In a rage, she pours the fluid on his portrait -- a pool of it covering half the picture. Pell quickly tries to salvage the picture, but fails. When he looks up half his face has been erased! ... my make-up was accomplished by Dick Smith, who later became well known in the business for his work on 'Dark Shadows' and 'The Exorcist.' "

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