Undated: 'Mud Pies and Other Recipes'

Written by Marjorie Winslow and illustrated by Eric Blegvad, "Mud Pies and Other Recipes" encourages children to go outside and make a fine mess (on occasion) while having a fine time. Winslow writes: "This is a cookbook for dolls. It is written for kind climates and summertime. It is an outdoor cookbook, because dolls dote on mud, when properly prepared. ... Doll cookery is not a very exacting art. The time it takes to cook a casserole depends upon how long your dolls are able to sit at table without falling over. And if a recipe calls for a cupful of something, you can use a measuring cup or a teacup or a buttercup. It doesn't much matter. What does matter is that you select the best ingredients available, set a fine table, and serve with style."

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