Undated: The films of Sid Davis

A stand-in for John Wayne in several movies, Sid Davis makes a short educational film in 1950 called "The Dangerous Stranger," warning young people to be wary of adults they don't know, and what can happen if they're not. (Wayne put up the money for the production.) Davis would go on to make more than 180 such films. Two of the more memorable were released in 1961: "Boys Beware" (about homosexual predators) and "Girls Beware" (about the risks faced by teenage girls).

* Watch "Boys Beware": @
* Watch "Girls Beware": @
* Watch "Dangerous Stranger": @
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* Davis talks about his early years in Hollywood: @
* New York Times obituary: @
* Los Angeles Times obituary: @
* "Mental Hygiene: Better Living Through Classroom Films 1945 - 1970" (book by Ken Smith): @

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