Thursday, March 19, 1964: Vietnam

This and other images from South Vietnam earned Associated Press photographer Horst Faas the Pulitzer Prize in 1965. The caption, as it appeared in the Milwaukee Sentinel on March 20: 

The body of a child killed in battle Thursday in South Vietnam was held by his father as rangers of the Vietnamese army looked down from a tank. The child was killed as government forces pursued Vietcong guerrillas into a village near the Cambodian border. The Vietnamese forces used bombers and armored personnel carriers against the guerrilla forces in the battle.
     -- AP Wirephoto by Horst Faas via cable from Saigon

* Faas' photos for Associated Press (from AP Images): @
* Obituary (from AP; May 10, 2012): @
* "Horst Faas: A Last Hurrah" (Richard Pyle for The New York Times): @ 

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