Monday, June 10, 1963: JFK's 'Peace' speech

"President Kennedy announced Monday that the United States, the Soviet Union and Britain have agreed to send high-level negotiators to Moscow next month in a fresh start at hammering out a nuclear test-ban treaty. In the meantime, the President announced, the United States will not conduct any nuclear tests in the atmosphere -- so long as the Soviet Union and other nations hold back on their tests, too. ... The President chose an unusual setting for his announcements, and he embellished them with an eloquent plea for world peace. Standing under the broiling sun in an outdoor amphitheater, Kennedy put the significant announcements into a commencement address to American University's graduating class."
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"The United States will seek to increase communications with Russia, to avoid unnecessary irritants, to search for areas of agreement and to avoid pushing to Kremlin into a choice between 'humiliating retreat or a nuclear war.' This fundamental philosophy of how to deal with Russians in a nuclear age, stated Monday by President Kennedy in a major speech, is expected by diplomats to be more prominently recorded in history than his announcements on nuclear testing."
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* Transcript and video (from JFK Library): @
* "JFK at AU: Building Peace For All Time" (American University website): @
* "John F. Kennedy Speaks of Peace" (from Nuclear Age Peace Foundation): @
* "To Move the World: JFK's Quest for Peace" (Jeffrey D. Sachs, 2013): @ 

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