Monday, July 1, 1963: Kim Philby

     Former Foreign Office official Harold Philby has admitted he was the "third man" in the case of British diplomats Guy Burgess and Donald Maclean.
     Security services are now aware that using information he gained while working for the MI6 in Washington, Mr. Philby warned the pair that intelligence services were on their trail. This information enabled them to escape to the Soviet Union.
     It is now apparent Mr. Philby was a double agent working for the Soviet authorities during his time with the foreign office.
     The news was announced in the House of Commons by the Lord Privy Seal Edward Heath.
     -- From BBC. Full story: @. 1968 photo of Philby in Moscow from Russia Beyond the Headlines (website: @)
* Heath's statement: @
* Entry from spymuseum.com: @
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