Monday, February 18, 1963: San Francisco coffee

The San Francisco Chronicle publishes a front-page story on the city's coffee "crisis" -- the poor quality of coffee served to restaurant patrons. It would make famous the headline "A Great City's People Forced to Drink Swill." (The Chronicle would report in 1995: "The crusade continued for several weeks. The results: Street sales of the newspaper soared -- and the coffee served in upscale restaurants improved markedly.")
* Text of story: @
* Anniversary story from the Chronicle's The Big Event site: @
* "The State of the American Newspaper: The Battle of the Bay" (American Journalism Review, 1999): @
* Excerpt from "Season of the Witch: Enchantment, Terror and Deliverance in the City of Love" (David Talbot, 2012): @
* Excerpt from "Fat Man on the Left: Four Decades in the Underground" (Lionel Rolfe, 1998): @ 

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