Saturday, August 4, 1962: Carolina Snowball

The rare albino dolphin is captured off the coast of South Carolina. She is transported to the Miami Seaquarium, where she is a star attraction until her death on May 4, 1965.

* Entry from moldville.com (includes account of capture from Captain William Gray): @
* "The Improbable Hunt for the White Porpoise" (Life magazine, September 21, 1962): @
* "Rare albino dolphin poses problems for Seaquarium" (Associated Press story, September 1962): @
* "Stuart man's replica of Carolina Snowball preserves rare albino dolphin's legacy" (from www.tcpalm.com, May 2012): @
* "Albino Dolphin in Northern Gulf of Mexico" (from NOAA Fisheries Service): @

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