Monday, July 10, 1961: 'Axis Sally'

After 12 years in prison, Mildred Gillars (aka "Axis Sally") is released from the women's reformatory in Alderson, West Virginia. During World War II, she was a radio announcer broadcasting propaganda from Berlin on behalf of Nazi Germany, "messages designed to heighten loneliness, fatigue and the futility of fighting Germany," in the words of her 1988 New York Times obituary. (Note: Rita Zucca, broadcasting from Rome, was also known as "Axis Sally.")

* Excerpts from broadcasts: @
* Stories from Charleston, W.V., newspapers (July 10-11): @ and @
* Articles from www.historynet.com: @ and @
* "Axis Sally: The American Voice of Nazi Germany" (book by Richard Lucas): @
* Segments from "Talking History" radio program (scroll down to "World War II Radio Propaganda: Real and Imaginary"): @

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