Sunday, November 20, 1960: Gifford and Bednarik

A pro football game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants yields this famous photo (click on it to enlarge). Here's what happened (from ESPN.com):

"Trailing the Eagles 17-10, the New York Giants were trying to mount a late comeback at Yankee Stadium. Halfback Frank Gifford reached back to catch Charlie Conerly's pass, and he turned upfield in routine fashion. That's when Chuck Bednarik came along and changed both their lives. ... Bednarik's crushing blow to Gifford's chest left the running back on his back, out cold with a severe concussion -- and out of football the rest of that season and all the next year as well. As Eagles linebacker Chuck Weber recovered the fumble that seemed almost an afterthought to the ferocity of the hit, Bednarik stood over Gifford, pumping his right arm, doing a dance and yelling 'This ------- game is over.'

" 'I was celebrating,' Bednarik said. 'But the reason wasn't that he was down. The reason was that the hit won the game.' "

The Eagles went on to win the 1960 NFL championship.

Both men are now in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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