Saturday, November 20, 1965: Mount Hermon vs. Deerfield

Photo by Robert Van Vleet. Caption, as published in the (Pocatello) Idaho State Journal:

HEATED COMPETITION -- Spectators attending the football game at Hermon, Mass., between Mount Hermon School and Deerfield Academy teams were at a loss as to what action to watch -- firemen struggling to contain the fire burning through the roof of the Mount Hermon science building or the football team trying to stop Deerfield. Deerfield and the fire won and Mount Hermon lost the building -- the second major fire on the campus in recent weeks -- and a two-year football winning streak.

* "Fire Raged, They Played On, and the Photo Still Beguiles" (New York Times, May 5, 2015): @
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* "Playing With Fire" (NFL films, 2015): @ 

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