Friday, August 6, 1965: Voting Rights Act

WASHINGTON -- President Johnson signed his monumental Negro voting rights bill today, treading the century-old path of Abraham Lincoln, and declaring the new law is a triumph for freedom as great as any won on the battlefield.
     First, in the vaulted rotunda of the Capitol, Johnson said the measure will "strike away the last major shackles of those fierce and ancient bonds" which have bound American Negroes. ... Then he moved to the ornate President's Room off the Senate chamber, to etch his signature with dozens of souvenir pens, writing on a desk that Secretary Felton Johnson said Lincoln used in signing a measure to free slaves impressed into war service by the Confederacy. ... 
     By next week, he said, federal officials will be at work in the South, registering Negroes who have been kept from the polling place.
     -- Story from Associated Press (full story: @)
     -- Top photo, Johnson signing bill into law (Corbis); bottom photo, Camden, Alabama, 1966 (Flip Schulke)

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