Thursday, October 22, 1964: 'Choice'

Supporters of Senator Barry Goldwater have produced a television film featuring semi-nude dancing girls, pornographyic magazine covers, street riots and a girl in a topless swim suit to show the "moral decay" of the nation since President Johnson took office. The film called Choice was reported to be the idea of Mothers for Moral America, a group backing the Republican Presidential candidate in the election campaign. ... The film will be shown jointly by the Mothers for Moral American and Citizens for Goldwater-Miller to the press at the national press club today. It is also due to be shown over a national television network today. (Full story: @)
     Note: "Choice" never aired. Goldwater himself repudiated the film once he saw it. 
-- Photo of newspaper clipping from CONELRAD (link below)

* Watch the film (video posted by CONELRAD): @
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* Excerpt from "A Glorious Disaster: Barry Goldwater's Presidential Campaign and the Origins of the Conservative Movement" (J. William Middendorf II): @
* Excerpt from "Mothers of Conservatism: Women and the Postwar Right" (Michelle M. Nickerson, 2012): @
* Excerpt from "Barry Goldwater and the Remaking of American Political Landscape" (2013): @ 

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