May-June, 1963: 'A Bunny's Tale'

Gloria Steinem's account of working as a Playboy Bunny appears in the May and June issues of Show magazine. The introduction: "Earlier decades of this century had their Follies girls and their Wampus baby stars. The Sixties have Playboy Club bunnies, called by their employers 'the most envied girls in America.' What really goes on in their 'glamorous and exciting world'? To find out, Show chose a write who combines the hidden qualities of a Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude graduate of Smith College with the more obvious ones of an ex-dancer and beauty queen."
* Short summary from Undercover Reporting: @
* Part One, May issue: @
* Part Two, June issue: @
* "Gloria Steinem's 'A Bunny's Tale' -- 50 Years Later" (The Guardian, May 2013): @
* Interview, Makers.com: @
* 2011 interview, CBS News: @
* "Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions" (Steinem, 1983): @
* Steinem's website: @ 

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