Tuesday, March 12, 1963: Lee Harvey Oswald buys rifle

Using the name "A. Hidell," Lee Harvey Oswald (living in Dallas) orders a rifle by mail from Klein's Sporting Goods of Chicago. The rifle would arrive March 20. The Warren Commission would later determine that the rifle was the one used to assassinate President Kennedy.
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  1. I am one of those who after decades of investigations, hearings, documents and records I still believe Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone when he shot President Kennedy. I believe the bolt action rifle that Oswald is holding did give off a shot; however, what is trouble sum is the direction of the Presidents head when he is shot. I am confused if the vehicle has already passed the book suppository, why is it Jackie Kennedy is seen either trying to exit the vehicle from the back, or attempting to retrieve the President skull on the trunk. I am suggesting if a gunshot came from the back, isn’t it only human response to run in the opposite direction? Consider the botched trachometry, which I believe was done to conceal the bullet entrance and exit. I believe Oswald did not act alone! I am one of those guys who says “If it does not make sense, then there’s a reason” On another not so off topic here, Consider the recent passing of a Supreme Justice, and NO AUTOPSY completed. Now if I or anyone was to die, who was not diagnosed with a terminal illness, wouldn’t an autopsy be ordered? This was a Supreme Court Judge, who was conservative, and no one questions what he died of? Was he poisoned? We will never know! The 1960’s generation were right to question and bring to argument what the government was doing. It’s a shame that most movements today do not have the stamina like in the 1960’s. I am one of those who do not trust the government on most what comes out of their mouth. During 9/11 the government came out and stated “the air is safe”! Well, here we are today, and Congress just passed a bill for compensation for the 9/11 workers due to terminal lung diseases. Shameful! Truth is like poetry, and most people do not like to read poetry! What’s anyone else’s thought about the Warren report? V/r Jimmy MacLeod


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