Undated: The year in review, 1962

Top 10 stories, according to survey by The Associated Press:

   1. Russia establishes missile bases in Cuba, U.S. successfully blockades.
   2. Three-orbit flight of Astronaut John Glenn.
   3. James Meredith enrolls as the first Negro student in the University of Mississippi, two are killed in rioting.
   4. The drug thalidomide is found to have caused thousands of babies to be born deformed.
   5. Worst stock market dip since 1929.
   6. Red China invades India.
   7. Steel price rise is rescinded under pressure from President Kennedy.
   8. Off-year election.
   9. Two Russian spacemen orbit for several days and establish visual and radio contact.
   10. Investigation of business manipulations of Billie Sol Estes.
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