Wednesday, July 25, 1962: Skyphone

From an Associated Press article by Francis Stilley:

NEW YORK, July 26 (AP) -- "One moment, please," said the telephone operator. "American Airlines Flight 941 is calling."
"Hello," came a charming female voice a few seconds later. "This is stewardess Hope Patterson. We're at 28,000 feet over Lakehurst, N.J., on a jet flight from New York to Cincinnati. Can you hear me?"
With those words, Miss Patterson officially inaugurated American Airlines air-to-ground radiotelephone -- or "Skyphone" -- service yesterday with a call to the Associated Press office in New York.

* Entire article (from July 26 edition of The Miami News; story is headlined "Hello Earth, This is Jet Stewardess, Miss Patterson"): @

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