Sunday, September 11, 1960: Young Americans for Freedom

The politically conservative group for young people is established during a weekend meeting at the home of William F. Buckley, Jr., then the editor of The National Review magazine. Its founding principles are known as The Sharon Statement (Sharon, Connecticut, being the home of Buckley). The photo at left is of Brian Whalen, a student at Loyola University in Chicago.

* Text of Sharon Statement: @
* YAF website (now called Young America's Foundation): @
* Works by Buckley (from Hillsdale College): @
* The Russell Kirk Center for Cultural Renewal: @
* "Writings of Kirk and Buckley" (C-SPAN video, 2002): @
* "The Other Side of the Sixties: Young Americans for Freedom and the Rise of Conservative Politics" (1997 book by John A. Andrew): @
* "Who's Who in the Tumult of the Far Right" (Life magazine, February 9, 1962): @
* Video of 50th anniversary event: @

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