Friday, July 8, 1960: Cuban Sugar Kings

The Cuban Sugar Kings, a minor-league baseball team affiliated with the Cincinnati Reds, are dropped from the International League. (Fidel Castro, an avid baseball fan, had regularly attended Sugar Kings games.) The decision comes as the United States is bringing increased economic and political pressure to bear on the Cuban government. The team moves to Jersey City, New Jersey. Related events:

* May-June, 1959: The first Agrarian Reform Law goes into effect in Cuba, under which the country takes over large land holdings (including acreage owned or controlled by U.S. sugar companies).
* June 26, 1959: Gunfire erupts during game between Sugar Kings and Rochester Red Wings. A Rochester coach and a Cuban player are hit. Account of game: @
* September-October, 1959: The Sugar Kings win the minor-league championship. Account of series against Minneapolis Millers: @
* Feb. 13, 1960: Soviet Union agrees to buy 5 million tons of Cuban sugar over 5 years.
* July 6: U.S. reduces its 1960 purchase of Cuban sugar by 95 percent, or 700,000 tons (after Cuba had seized U.S.-owned oil refineries; see June 29-July 1). Eisenhower signing statement: @ July 7 newsreel: @
* July 8: Soviet Union says it will buy the 700,000 tons.
* July 23: China announces a sugar deal with Cuba, the two countries' first commercial treaty.

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