Thursday, June 16, 1960: JFK and Jack Paar

Sen. John F. Kennedy, the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, is a guest on "The Jack Paar Tonight Show," at the time a rare instance of a politician appearing on an entertainment show. Kennedy's appearance followed that of his brother, Robert F. Kennedy, who the year before had been on the show and talked about his work as chief counsel on the Senate committee investigating ties between labor unions and organized crime.

On Paar's show, JFK discusses current events, answers audience questions and banters with Paar:

Paar: May I ask you, so that I don't look too naive, a tough question right off the bat?
JFK: Whether I'm a Democrat or a Republican?
Paar: Would it be rude of me if called you John?
JFK: That would be fine.
Paar: Because if you make it, it would be nice for my daughter to know that we have this arrangement, you know.

Republican candidate Richard M. Nixon would follow suit and appear on Paar's show on Aug. 25.

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