Friday, March 25, 1960: Oliver Cromwell's head

In a secret ceremony inside the antechapel at Sidney Sussex College (part of England's University of Cambridge), the head of Oliver Cromwell is given a final resting place as it is reburied, 302 years after his death. Cromwell had helped lead the overthrow and execution of King Charles I and took the title of Lord Protector as he governed the short-lived republic. Though some historical and scientific claims vary, the general consensus is that when Cromwell died in 1658, he was buried in Westminster Abbey. After Charles II restored the monarchy in 1660, Cromwell's body was disinterred, hanged and dismembered, with the head displayed on a spike to symbolize his treason. Through the years the head was sold and resold until it was finally returned to the college Cromwell had attended.

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